Divorce Mediation: How Smart People Get Divorced

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Here’s Why Divorce Mediation is The Smart Way to Get Divorced In Massachusetts:

  • Divorce mediation is the least expensive way to get divorced. Divorce mediator fees are typically much less than divorce attorney fees.
  • Divorce mediation is a positive process where spouses cooperate to reach a result that is fair and reasonable for both of them and their children. Divorce litigation is a negative, stressful, adversarial and expensive process which can hurt you and your family.
  • Divorce mediation is better for your children. Conflict between parents is bad for kids, and a skilled mediator like Stig Bolgen can help lower the level of conflict between you and your spouse during the divorce process.
  • Divorce mediation lets you and your spouse control the final outcome. In divorce litigation a judge or third party could be making the decisions that affect you and your family.
  • Divorce mediation is an efficient and streamlined process that will get you through this difficult time faster and with less stress.
  • Divorce mediation is confidential. Divorce litigation takes place in public courtrooms and creates a paper file that can be accessed by the public.

Primary Practice Areas

Divorce Mediation

Stig W. Bolgen specializes in divorce mediation. He also has over 25 years of experience in divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, paternity, restraining orders and related matters in the probate and family courts. If you are looking for an experienced attorney who will look out for your interests in a divorce or child-related matter or to learn more about divorce mediation, please call or e-mail Attorney Stig Bolgen at stigbolgen@bolgenlaw.com to set up a free initial telephone or office consultation.

Civil and Criminal Law Appeals

Claudia Leis Bolgen represents clients wishing to appeal criminal convictions and civil judgments. If you are interested in appealing a criminal conviction or civil judgment, please call or e-mail Attorney Claudia Bolgen at claudialb@bolgenlaw.com to set up a free initial telephone or office consultation.

About Mediation

Our divorce mediator meets with both spouses together. He helps the couple identify the issues that need to be resolved in order to get a divorce, and helps the couple resolve disputed issues. The ultimate goal is to draft the written agreement necessary for a divorce.

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Divorce mediation with us costs $225 per hour. In addition to paying for the time used in mediation sessions, we charge for time spent writing the Separation Agreement. Mediation is by far the cheapest way to get a divorce.

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