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Paternity cases are increasingly common in the Probate & Family Courts because a greater proportion of children are born to unmarried parents than ever before.  If you are the father or mother of a child, and you are not married to the other parent, you can start a paternity action in order to get child support from the non-custodial parent or to secure visitation/custody rights.  Fathers involved in paternity cases are typically entitled to a DNA test during the course of such proceedings.  Fathers also have the opportunity to execute legal paperwork to acknowledge their status as biological parent.


Issues that commonly come up in paternity cases include child support, child custody, parenting plans, and medical insurance coverage for the child.  Paternity cases are usually less complicated, more easily resolved and less expensive than divorce cases because there are no issues related to division of assets.  Please click on the topic in the left-hand margin about which you want more information. 


Issues in paternity cases such as child support and parenting plans can be mediated.  To find out more about mediation please visit our Divorce Mediation Resource Page, call 781-938-5819 or e-mail Stig Bolgen at stigbolgen@bolgenlaw.com to set up a free initial telephone or office consultation.

















Important Note:
Mothers seeking child support from their child's father in a paternity action may seek child support retroactive to the birth of the child, and may also be entitled to reimbursement for the medical expenses of the pregnancy.

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